Old School Fantasy?

I’ve always felt that not having a classic fantasy version of 2d20 was a missed opportunity. Even though I love old style fantasy adventures D&D and Pathfinder lost me years ago as they have destroyed the game with the bazillions of murderhobo “races” and “classes”. To the point where you simply cannot reasonably keep up. But there isn’t really a good replacement. I know I know people will trot out games like Savage Worlds and others, but they never really do classic dungeon delving or other fantasy well. Conan’s skill and combat system would be fantastic for that style setting. The missing piece would be a usable magic system with spell casting rather than dark demon stuff. Basically avoid the grim dark and bring the concept of heroism to a fantasy setting instead of the cookie cutter lone wolf/reformed demon/grim dark misunderstood loner template that has been rammed into most “fantasy” settings.

With D&D leaving to pursue online and $ instead of the TTRPG there will be a open niche.

The magic system of Achtung! Cthulhu / Cohors Cthulhu is as close as it gets to “typical plain-vanilla fantasy” stuff.
But due to the more narrative orientation of the 2d20 system, I would not expect the game play of any D&D-like fantasy game using 2d20 rules to be even remotely close to the typical D&D-like experience.

I don’t think I will like to run a battle heavy 2d20 game with rules as they are. You’ll need to make the combat system more fluid for an old school fantasy game.

I’d disagree what that. D&D style games have combat that is clunky as heck and largely boring. Various 2d20 system streamline it but it does take experience with the system to know how/when to use Momentum and Doom.

You can pretty easily cobble together a Heroic Fantasy style spell caster with the SRD rules, use the Magic Point Option, then provide a mechanic to use an Advance to increase the pool of points and Talents to decrease the cost of spells in a narrow field.