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Official 2D20 Star Wars

Well, now as the cat is out of the bag, FFG is closing it’s RPG branch. This would make Star Wars RPG a vacant RPG IP. I’d love (be thrilled) to see an official 2D20 Star Wars! :heart_eyes:

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… then we could do the millinum falcon at the battle of sector 001! :smiley:

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Itll be the first time a company holds THE 2 major US scifi franchises… one can dream…

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Both FFG narrative dice and 2D20 are Jay Littles babies and I have fond feelings for both. But to me, 2D20 was always the preferred system. To spend Darkside Points in addition to Doom or Heat would be a wish come true. I’d say "Modiphius, take my money! " the very instant it would be announced. :smiley:

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As long as FFG has not written smoething about closing down all of their RPGs on their OWN homepage, this is only an unconfirmed rumor!

Well, they removed the Star Wars Dice App from Google Store. I think this is very telling, I think.

In addition, Katrina Ostrander (Creative Director of Story & Setting at Fantasy Flight Games) kind of confirmed this on twitter:

And here an d20 Radio article on this:

This means nothing. Perhaps the app did not sell as good as they wanted or it cuts into the sale of the dice or complete overhaul of the app is planned or …

As long as there is no official statement these are only rumours. And BTW a kind of confirmation is no confirmation at all.

If Modiphius couldn’t get the rights to make pdfs, then I’d have almost zero interest. Why? Because Modiphius hard copies take forever to come in locally and, once sold, are almost never restocked.

Quite honestly, for me, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world of FFG is closing down their RPG offerings - the dice mechanics for their Star Wars offerings, for me, left A LOT to be desired. But I’ve been biased for years in regards to Star Wars; no other systems has been able to capture the cinematic feel of Star Wars, for me, the way the original West End Games d6 system does. WotC and FFG failed in that regard. I’ve played and run them all and always find myself switching back to WEG d6. Again, it’s a personal bias, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, based on my experience with STA and Conan, I’d be willing to give 2d20 Star Wars a try, something between STA and Conan. I think it has the potential to capture the cinematic feel of Star Wars FFG and WotC lacked. But that’s me. It will be interesting to see how events unfold with FFG, whatever their official news.


My experience is yours. WEG d6 Star Wars is one of the most beloved and formative rpg experiences of my young life.

I can’t speak to WotC’s take, but running FFG Star Wars for a group who was much younger than me (as I did a few years ago) convinced me that that rules set (and lore) appeals to post-prequel sensibilities. In fact, before I ran for this group, I had to declare that, in my universe, the only thing that was “canon” was the original trilogy, definitely indicating my WEG roots.

It was a fun game, but I agree that it didn’t “feel” like Star Wars. The capability to “build” murder-machine characters seems anathema to the original experience, as does the partitioning of the setting into at least three distinct elements, showing just how far the “expanded” universe has moved away from its core themes. I expect that a 2d20 Star Wars would feel similar, though I’d be curious enough to try it.


Why not just make a fan made port of 2d20 Star Wars, it’s not like you don’t have a fair example of a space opera sci-fi in infinity, and a fair amount of examples of the system, talents and other items you could utilize to create as complicate or as simple a port as you want. You even have the analogous fate, fortune, luck, destiny, edge points with the force.


You are aware, that you contradict yourself in the same post? Telling about assumptions?
Sure it must be a planned complete overhaul of the flawlessly running app out of thin air without any informations for customers who cannot download it any more from the google store.
And yeah, because it sold so abyssmally, they took one of the most popular dice apps down. :joy:
They put money into the app to overhaul it because it sold so poorly? :thinking:

You are right, who cares what some minor Creative Director of Story & Setting at Fantasy Flight Games telling about the future of the FFG RPG lines.
Oh, and please also ignore that FFG’s RPG staff has been officially suspended in public.
But sure, they are just undergoing a “planned complete overhaul”. :joy:

I’d love too. However, between getting a D&D club for teens started at a local library, running an STA game on Roll20,and my own responsibilities, it’s not something I have the moments for to put together anytime soon. That said, I have done some tinkering and like the way Momentum/Threat (Doom) plays nicely into the Lightside/Darkside aspect of the Force.


I couldnt differ from your opinion more; FFGs SWs is the best iteration yet.


I have to strongly disagree with the people saying the FFG RPGs were bad. There’s a bit of a learning curve, just like for 2d20 but given that FFG’s system and 2d20 are the same designer and there’s a lot of shared DNA, I suspect you wouldn’t like a 2d20 game either. WEG’s system was great and far better than WotC’s d20 attempts but book for book, FFG blows them away. WEG’s game gets the benefit of being frozen in amber and benefitting from decades of nostalgia and familiarity and understanding and customizing (and knowing how to bend and break it). Plus I liked the zoomed in structure of the separate FFG game lines. It’s super easy to combine because they’re compatible, but they’re separate if you want a more specialized approach. Better than a neutral corebook that mandates buying splats if you want to get into the weeds. I also genuinely loved their version of L5R, I sincerely hope this isn’t the death knell for that franchise.

Of course I want Modiphius to get the license if it’s up for grabs. I like 2d20 better than FFG Star Wars. But FFG is far from bad.


I feel the need to clarify that I don’t consider FFG Star Wars “bad.” It simply isn’t my preferred Star Wars, and I know some (most?) people love it. Some of the young gamers in my town absolutely adore the Genesys system in all its forms; I think it’s inhabited some sort of zeitgeist here. The group I ran FFG Star Wars for now are using Genesys to emulate their own form of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also have heard unanimously glowing reports about L5R.

I didn’t like Genesys for my version of Star Wars, but I adore 2d20. I think I’ll be running Conan all this year.

I think FFG closing its rpg lines is a massive blow for the industry. It’s particularly devastating for me, since I live in Minnesota. That was my local game company! (I know, not so much, after Asmodee bought them, but they still had—and do have—storefront.) I like its board games, too, but rpgs are King!


I agree with you, most of the hate seems to stem from an ingrained hatred of FFG as a company for the most part that I have seen, secondary its an inability to separate current with previous editions and grade it on its own merits (particularly in the case of l5r). I’ve yet to play a system that I through and through hated. New and old L5R and Star Wars among them. I will say this, that ffg star wars was far more balanced a game than the D20 star wars that made force wielders way to strong and hard to combat against. but that may be an inherent flaw with the setting itself more so than the system. That said I’m slowly growing to love 2d20 and with infinity, star trek, and the like I’d love to see star wars in the mix, but its not gonna happen any time soon I assure you. So lets take a bit of fan initiative and build one ourselves. we have the technology!

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I wouldn’t call it hate, rather preferences. I already acknowledged that Jay Little’s footprint is obvious and both share a similar philosophy. I played in a weekly FFG SW game for over a year and had a blast. But in comparisson, I tend to like Jay’s approach on 2D20 more than on narrative dice. The momentum mechanic leaves way more options in momentum spent than the Destiny mechanic. Also minor details like two weapon fighting is a bit more complicated in narrative dice than using 2 momentum for a second attack with the secondary weapon. Or the option to actively defend against incomming attacks instead of being a passive part of the pool of the attacker.
Besids FFG’s RPG books are really high quality treat and I own every single SW and Genesys tome (plus a lot really good Genesys Foundry stuff). The FFG RPG staff was always polite and very helpful, it is a sad blow to the industry. Dreaming for a 2D20 Star Wars does not mean by far that I gloat and wish the FFG developers ill. Quite in the contrary, it saddens me. I also feel bad for the dedicated contributors of the Genesys Foundry. :pensive:

A generic 2D20 like Genesys for narrative dice would be a dream come true for me. If there’s some approach of anybody regarding a SW 2D20, please feel free to share. :blush:


I can think of one, 7th Sea 2nd Edition. What a trainwreck. I got the whole line as PDFs from the Kickstarter plus the core book in print for like 60$ or something like that. Anyway, I overpaid for that by exactly whatever I paid for it.

I’m also not a fan of Call of Cthulhu on a mechanical level. I think the mythos is fine but better done in games like Trail of Cthulhu and I’m looking forward to Achtung Cthulhu 2d20 but Ive played CoC under 3 different GMs and I’ve never liked it.

If I had to put my finger on one big issue that is true of both FFG Genesys/Star Wars and 2d20 and a lot of newer games to be honest is that the GM in particular but the players too must have commanding knowledge of the game system for it to shine. It’s very hard to muddle your way through and not be underwhelmed and I don’t think that’s a flaw per se, but we also know that it’s just not necessarily how all groups are. A mentally checked out player here, a confused ruling there and you’ve neutered the Talents a different player spent points on or made too many inconsistent decisions for players to feel able to engage. You can’t beer and pretzels these systems the way you can D&D or older games like WEG Star Wars or World of Darkness or whatever because failure to really get into the nuts and bolts won’t fly like it does in those games. At least that’s how it always seems to me.


Gut Infinity of its lore, build a force system that utilizes momentum spends to activate talents, and create racial templates using their guide from the core book? build force based talent trees out of existing content like the dueling styles from John Carter of Mars, create sith alchemy out of conan’s sorcery, build build ships in a similar manner as infinity or star trek. at least that would be my first guess.

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