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Character sheets, basic rules help

I’m new to the 2d20 system, and any games that run off of it. In fact, I’ve limited experience with most RPG systems except for a simple, narrative game that is played only locally (the GM is the creator of the simple rules system, which is all d6 and you can borrow extra dice for more successes from your skills, and you have customizable ‘talents’ which, if the apply to the scenario, can grant you extra bonuses – very cool system around which a couple of local boffer LARPs were developed) and Ten Candles, which is also a simple d6 dice pool and cinematic narrative game.
But I want to GM the new Dune game from Modiphius, and would love all the resources I can get my hands on.

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I highly recommend checking out the Various Quickstarts, which can be found on DriveThruRPG of the modiphius store. Particularly the John Carter and Conan ones as the extremes of the Spectrum.