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Generic 2d20, any news?

Once upon a time, I recall hearing a rumor that there might be a generic 2d20 book put out by Modiphius. Is there any news on this?

Thank you for your time.

It’s something I’d very much like to do (both in its own right, and as a foundation for other stuff), but I don’t make the decisions about what we make, so I can’t speak to if it would actually happen, or when.

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From Chris Birch.
We’re planning a series of licensed 2d20 books first with the SRD as a base, then looking at a generic book later on.


Wow. Thanks for that information. Something to keep in the back of my mind, but not to obsess on. lol.

a proper SRD? Does this mean that 2d20 will be an open system of sorts? like the D20 System was?

SRDs aren’t uncommon as internal reference documents in the industry, they don’t necessarily get made public.

Basically, whether an SRD exists and whether it gets made available to the public are two different matters.

There is a 2d20 System SRD. At the moment, its for use by myself and the rest of the RPG team, and by licencees. Public access isn’t just a matter of putting it online so people get a free rulebook: there’s legal stuff around it too… and that’s a decision way outside my job.


Insights I’ve never heard before! Thank you for the glimpse behind the curtain.

Any more news…?

Not at this point. We’ve got a number of games in the works, some of which have already been announced (such as Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20), and some of which haven’t (such as [Redacted] and [Redacted]), but the SRD currently remains internal-use. When we have news on that front, we’ll announce it.


Oooo…I love [redacted].


Hey, is there any update on when we can expect to see the SRD at a minimum?

No. There’ll be news when there’s something new to say.


Will we here more about [redacted] and [redacted] in the coming year? :wink:

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[Redacted] is likely to come out next year, not sure about [redacted], though.


Dang it! I was looking forward to [redacted] way more than [redacted].


Heh. Thanks for at least addressing the topic. Still looking forward to it. I’m really liking 2d20. Maybe even more than Savage Worlds.



A generic 2D20 would be awesome. There are already a couple of generic systems out there but since I encountered Conan and thus a 2D20 the first time, I knew, a generic version of 2D20 would be the one I always looked for.
Please make it happen. :blush:

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Man, I would instabuy any generic 2d20 books, and would kill for an SRD. Ever since I got into Star Trek Adventures, 2d20 has basically ruined every other system for me. Even though Stargate is getting a new licensed D&D 5e-based RPG, I would much rather play a game using the 2d20 system. And then there are my own fictional universes I’m building…

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So assuming [redacted] is Dishonored, I wonder what the other could be.

Elder Scrolls would be my bet for the second [redacted] option since it looks like that’s what they did with Fallout (going from miniatures to RPG).

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