O-12 Security Council Membership

On p212 of the Corebook (Collectors edition, specifically, but might be the same on the standard edition), it states that

the O-12 Security Council is made up of twelve sitting members: One each from PanOceania, Yu Jing, Haqqislam, the Nomads, and Ariadna. Four O-12 representatives. One seat representing all NonAligned Nations. And an Aspect of ALEPH.

I make that out to be only eleven, though -

  1. PanOceania
  2. Yu Jing
  3. Haqqislam
  4. Nomads
  5. Ariadna
  6. O-12 number #1
  7. O-12 number #2
  8. O-12 number #3
  9. O-12 number #4
  10. Non-aligned Nations
  11. ALEPH

Anyone know who’s missing? Ta!

Totaa ambassador?

I seem to remember that question being addressed before. Maybe it was on the old forum… I think somebody from Mödiphius replied it was a simple arithmetic mistake, but my memory is not to be trusted.

Cheers! I couldn’t find it on here, and as the Google+ errata tallies have gone, I wasn’t sure which way the error had gone. It being O-12, I guess the number twelve was on the mind!

I am not totally sure, but I think within table top fluff books were also mentioned, that the council possess 12 members. But silly me, I can’t remember.

The 12 makes sense. Maybe it was 5 O-12 representatives and not 4? Or is there any particular significance for being 4 of them?

Well i might be wromf but i don’t think the 12 is associated with the number of seat. O12 existed before ariadna joined the council after all.

I also don’t think it is, but when someone wrote the chapter about it he or she might have decided the number of seats based on the 12 of O-12. Or just made the mistake of writing 12 intead of 11 because of the name O-12. I suppose only the author can clarify this…

Maybe just a mathematical solution:
With 12 members, 4 were exactly one third?!

Sure, makes sense. Maybe the “missing” representative could be Tohaa or even a second non-aligned nations dignitary.