Nuka-Cola Caps Set FIX

Sadly, things did not start well with our bottle caps
I ordered them in October for a Christmas delivery (Stocking Stuffer) and they did not arrive until late Jan
Then we got ready to play and the stickers started falling off
It was then that we decided to make chits using the stickers and find some other use for the bottle caps
UNTIL: We realized our 1 inch chits fit perfectly inside the bottle caps

Here is our recipe for making Chits. I am pretty sure I captured every aspect of construction in the picture below

To make Chits we like Cereal boxes for bulk and Tastykake snack cake boxes for a white topper
A 1 inch Circle Lever Punch is used to make them

Five Cereal Box with one white are glued together using wood glue. Quarters are used to aid with the clamping
I am pretty heavy on the water to clean up any excess glue that squeezes out. This seems to make the sides nicer
Then I roll the whole thing like a tire in the clamp on a flat surface to even the sides up
Once dry they get a light sanding. Any excess wood glue on the white topper that can’t be sanded is cleaned up with medicinal alcohol
Next it is super glued in the bottle cap after removing the seal and clamped again
Then a sticker
Followed by some laminating-sheet to protect the sticker (From falling off and oils) which I use the quarters again for size. I trace and cut the laminate while I am waiting for the super glue to dry

Yes it takes some time to get them all done and as of this post I have eight more to do but they are well worth the effort
They flip like coins, and have that really nice solid Nuka Cola feel in the palm of your hand

This recipe works for regular chits too. I print out whatever I need on Avery ink jet sticker sheets