Noble Talents Ranks

OK i am making a character sheet for a vtt adding in all the talents, and i need to know if I should count Noble Talents toward counting Ranks for Talents.

From the King page 11:

The following new talents are primarily designed for rulers
and characters commanding vast forces. However, with
the gamemaster’s permission characters of any sort may
acquire these talents. These parallel to those from the
Conan corebook.

How do you run it? Give a reference if you give an answer and not just an opinion, please.

I think these talents are supposed to belong to their respective skills, since they all specify a skill in parentheses. So if you are counting ranks for Command talents, you can count those as well. And you get discounts from high Focus.

But it could also be that none of the new talent trees are associated with a skill, like Outlaw. A response from the designers would be helpful.