Griot Talent Tree

Counting Ranks again.

The Adventurer p 20 says that Griot talents use Personality as its Base, but that is not a Skill, its an attribute.


Griot is fundamentally the same as the Bard Talent tree in Conan the Barbarian. In both cases, it does not have a Skill that accompanies it, but instead you use the various Talents for other Skill checks (e.g., Persuade or Command tests).

It’s one of my few complaints about the expansion material, that Griot is so similar to Bard. It would have been nice had the designers come up with a different set of influence-type abilities. (On the other hand it does keep my player with the Bard talent tree from gaining additional, possibly stacking abilities, so maybe it’s for the best.)

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I always thought that it is a typo, and it is supposed to say Persuade instead, same goes for the Bard.

It could have no base, such as the Outlaw Tree found in Brigandry for example.

PLese see my Noble Talents Ranks thread. This is all for Talent Ranks Counting.

the Berserk tree has no basis in the info text, but in order to gain Berserker talent, you need Melee 1, so is Melee the Base Stat for Berserker tree for Counting Ranks?

That’s all unclear. I assume each talent tree that has a skill in parentheses in the heading, like Falconry (Animal Handling), is treated line an Animal Handling talent, i.e. you get discounts for high Animal Handling Focus and if you need to count ranks in Animal Handling talents, this would count as well.

But Berserker does not have a skill listed. And even though you need Melee Expertise, I don’t treat it as a Melee talent. But it would make sense that it’s a Melee talent. Same goes for a lot of talent trees which are unclear.

Outlaw is clear because it says so in the text.