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Consolidated Talent Trees

Expanding on I recently went through all the books and consolidated all the talents. I’ve created a new layout that is less compact, but it makes it clear how much XP a talent costs since the row now determines the XP cost (you don’t have to count the arrows).

The talent trees exist only as a PNG because I created them as assets for a private website. So feel free to put those into a document or something.

Color coding:

  • Brown talents are associated with a particular skill, so they receive XP discounts from skill focus
  • Green talents don’t receive XP discounts

Conan the King talents:
I chose not to combine the Noble talents with their associated skill talent trees, since the talents are only useful for particular campaigns. I gave them catchy names:

  • Noble (Command) -> Lord Steward
  • Noble (Society) -> Lord Chamberlain
  • Noble (Warfare) -> Lord Constable

Bard and Griot talents:
It is not clear if these talents are linked to the Persuade skill. The notation in the book is Bard (Personality). That notation does not make sense, I assume this is a typo and it should be Bard (Persuade). Feel free to correct me.

Advanced Sorcery talents:
It is not clear to me which advanced sorcery talents get discounts (i.e. necromancy etc.). Also I don’t know what to do with the Compel the Dead talent. How much does it cost?

So here you go: