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Exiles talents costs

I noticed in the exile talents the xp cost doesn’t seem to follow the core rules, although it is stated they do. For a couple examples. Adherent talents(page 44). Lay worshiper cost 200, then the next step down Blessings and Unguents, ceremonial blade, the spoils of fervour also cost 200, not 400 as I would expect. Looking at Survival talents(page 14) Hardscrabble senses, dowser and water witch all cost 200, even though they are on different steps in the tree.

Are these suppose to be the actual costs or does the costs follow the normal progression based on where in the tree they are?

You expect wrong: The root Talent in any tree costs 200 XP, the Talents in the first tier cost 200 XP, too. Then the Talents in the second Tier cost 400 XP, and the ones in the third Tier cost 600 XP.
That is the cost as per the Conan core rules and this is not different in Conan Exiles source book.

The Survival Talents are in addition to the actual Talent tree in the core book.
The costs do not follow the typical Talent tree costs (why, that is a question for the developers - I consider this not a good design to create such wild exceptions as in Water Witch, which is at the end of the additional Talents tree, but only costs 200 XP).

In other Conan source books there are weird additional Talents, too, some with costs that don’t fit the set cost progression. I guess, it depends on what the developer of the respective chapter thought would fit best.

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Thank you for clearing that up.

Considering the rules mechanical benefit some of those weirdly “priced” Survival Talents provide, I can understand that the developers didn’t want to assign 400 or 600 XP cost. But, still, it breaks the tier-based cost the core rules use.