Cost of Talent Ranks For Ranked Talents

If you buy multiple ranks in a single talent does the cost go up as if the talent is further down on the tree?

If I buy strong arm tactics 1 for 200 XP, does it cost me 200 XP or 400 XP for the second rank?

(not counting the focus discount)

According to the wording of the rules, the price goes up only if it is down the talent tree. So the next rank of the talent should be the same price as rank 1

p.301 is the location of the rule. Also the discount from Focus applies if any.

I will second Valyar, ranks involve buying the talent again, not purchasing a more advanced talent.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll get 2 ranks of strong-arm tactics and just never draw my weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

When the book refers to talent ranks on page 55 of the book they specifically referred to each rank as an additional step. On page 301 the tree states: “The first talent in any tree costs 200 experience points to acquire. Other talents cost 200 experience points for each step away from the first talent.” It is my opinion that most talents that have ranks are near the beginning of the talent tree to adjust for the cost that is inherent to additional ranks as they are referred to as steps as well. Otherwise ranking up lower level talents such as the Just a Scratch is far too easy to obtain max ranks in and you’ll have characters that never take wounds and can kill without weapons etc starting out. If it is your desire to run adventures with literal walking gods then I don’t see anything wrong with your interpretation but some of the fun to me is the progression in games. Personal opinion of course. (Long story short if you are in my game that second rank costs you 400).

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