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Learning spells

According to the rules, once a budding young Sorcerer has acquired the Sorcerer Talent, he may learn new spells either from taking the Pact Talent, or the Barter Your Soul Talent. Pact is a tier 3 Talent, and so it costs 400 xp. If this Sorcerer wishes to take Pact again, will it then cost 600? Likewise with Barter Your Soul. Assuming you have enough Resolve left after taking it just once, will the second acquisition of this Talent be more expensive?

Pact is Tier 2, it costs 400 XP.
As with other Talents you can take several times, the costs don’t raise, they stay the same.
So if you take Pact another time, it is still 400 XP.

Barter your Soul is Tier 3.
It will cost 600 XP each time you take it.
You can take it as often as you like, each time paying 600 XP (minus Focus discount), as long as you still have Resolve left. The cost in permanent Resolve loss will raise due to the raised number of spells the character knows. But essentially there is no other limit than that.

Thanks! I have been running (and playing!) Talent ranks wrong then! I was under then mistaken impression that each time you buy it the cost goes up.

No, the cost is per Tier. Taking a talent that allows to be taken multiple times does not change the Tier, and so does not change the XP costs.

I’m pretty sure it is the same cost each time you take it. Just like taking a second rank in a normal talent.

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