Nightingale Dragonborn Adversary

She has the Regenerate Stamina ability, but currently has no function and feels like an error. Her Whisper Dragon Shout is super niche, except maybe against a Brotherhood party :slight_smile:

Regenerate stamina is functionally useless yes.

Disagree on the other point to an extent; it’s certainly situational but I feel like more than enough player models Hide, especially if they’re primarily ranged fighters. Naturally yes, Brotherhood are currently the most obvious targets for this but there’s more factions coming (Thieves’ Guild for one) and plenty of Adventurers for whom it would be a potential pain to deal with, especially on a smaller board.

I wonder about the ability being usable only once per game. I guess it’s correct lorewise because it can be considered one of Nocturne ability usable only once per day in skyrim, but I don’t know… It’s a hindrance for characters who can hide, and i think being usable more than once would be interesting.

It’s not a Nocturnal thing, it’s a Dragon Shout.

Ha true. Then it should be re-usable.