Dicebreakers Preview

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We had the Dicebreaker guys in earlier this week for a preview of the Delve mode. See their thoughts below…

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We learned quite a bit more about the game in this preview (and I noticed something I had missed in the earlier previews). Specifically:

  • It seems the Yellow die is used for healing/defence, as well as for attack (shown on the Dragonborn card). Specifically, we see Fur Armour (an Armour upgrade) which has an “Armour Rating” of <yellow die>, plus an ability “<helmet>: <yellow die> (Melee only)”; and a Potion of Minor Healing, which says “One Use. Free Action. Restore <yellow die> Health points.”
  • We can now reconstruct most of the faces on the dice. They seem to be as follows:
    Green: -1, -1 + <helmet>, -2, -3, ?, ?;
    Yellow: <blank>, *, *, * + <helmet>, **, ?;
    Red: * + <swords>, * + <helmet>, **, ***, ? (I think this is another **), ?;
    Black: * + <helmet>, ** + <swords>, ** + <oblivion>, ***, ?, ?
  • Perhaps the dice are graded -> yellow/red/black with increasing potency? And possibly the <helmet> triggers defence oriented special abilities, the <swords> triggers offence related ones, and the <oblivion> triggers magical/other special abilities? Based on the dice and AI card shown for Draugr it seems these three are the only “special” symbols used in the game.
  • I also noted that the Dragonborn card doesn’t have range ruler colours for movement. This might mean they aren’t used at all, or perhaps it means they are tied to armour? I noticed that the fur armour card had a <chainmail links> icon with a red background - perhaps this is what determines the movement range of the character?
  • Given that the dice seem to be multipurpose, and that armour “skill” appears to be an icon next to the ability scores, perhaps rather than an attack roll and armour roll, attacks are opposed in CTA? I.e. the attacker rolls the dice, and on success scores a certain number of *s (base for weapon + rolled), then the defender rolls and on success reduces the *s caused by the attacker by the amount rolled?
  • Interestingly, the character card “flips” when you level up, increasing your stats and abilities. The presenters aren’t sure if this is a “per game” or “per campaign” effect.

Anyway, some interesting insights from the video. It’s got me (even more) pumped and I’m really looking forward to trying it out… eventually. Hopefully at Essen? :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to getting this game, the more i hear about it the more excited i am

This looks very good and I am very pleased that there are significant similarities to Fallout Wasteland Warfare. I also particularly like how the experience seems to mirror the game as well, so it looks as though it has been very well executed in terms of its design. I am looking forward to its release.