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New To Game What To Run?

Long time lurker. Have had the book since release and buy them when they come out, all except Delta at least. Not a huge Voyager fan sorry to Voyager fans. I know there will be many answers to this question, but wondering what others will suggest for a first adventure?

I don’t normally run pre-made adventures, but I have heavily adapted Remnants which has a great vibe to it and worked well for my group.

For more general advice I’d go with the Era you feel most connection to, it will be easier to come up with the spark that makes a great game.

My default era is TNG as to my mind that is what Star Trek is, mainly because that was my first introduction to it. Though I have drawn liberally from DS9 as well for the space station dynamic it gives.

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Yeah I am a Next Generation fan also. I just don’t have time to do my own adventure unfortunately.

I’ve always been vocal about how I love the pre-made adventures released by Modiphius to a point that I have not seen an adventure that I expected to need heavy re-work before I could run it. Keep in mind though, that I only, on a few occasions, had the possibility to actually run them.

That being said: Both Signals, the adventure in the quick start rules (which is actually a part of the adventure released under the same name within the Living Campaign) and the A Star Beyond the Stars mini-campaign contained in the Starter Set worked well for me and my group(s). Both are designed to slowly go through the basics of the rules to ease the start.

If you don’t want to use these, The Gravity of the Crime, being centered on the Prime Directive, seems like a very good starting point. Yet, it’s a detective adventure and I, personally, always found those hard to run. This may be GM and/or group-related but I, personally would wait until I had a firm grasp at the rules so I could fully concentrate on the adventure at hands. Please note that it has been debated whether a trigger warning was appropriate for this mission (contains spoilers).

It has been discussed that Call Back Yesterday is a very intense adventure and good for showing (and maybe developing) characters, (spoiler) as it traps the player characters in memories of their past, advising the GM to draw those memories from the lifepath events during character creation. This might be a great start to introduce characters. I’m thinking about runnig this adventure very early (or even as pilot) in my upcoming campaign. But, depending on your players, this might be better for later adventures, as it is not easy to present a character one has just started playing.

And for my third recommendation: Have a look at Stolen Liberty which also focuses on the Prime Directive and reads like it blends in very well into TNG’s thoughtful approach on trying to “do the morally right thing”. It might require introducing Supporting Characters, though, which is probably a bit too much for a first adventure.

Caveat: Apart from the adventure Signals and the A Star Beyond the Stars mini-campaign, I have not yet actually ran these adventures, so your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:


I’d highly recommend the “A Star Beyond the Star” adventure in the starter set.

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This one is great. I am running it currently for a group and we are having a blast. Really good!

Wow, excellent responses. Thank you so much.

I just happened to have purchased the beginner set yesterday. Sounds like I should start with “A Star Beyond the Stars”.

It was the only thing I was missing from my collection and wanted some more momentum chips anyway. I’m a collector of RPGs, but seldom GM. It’s the classic I’m middle aged and can afford most rpg stuff I want, but don’t have the time now. :sob: Or my group is all adults and hard to get together due to real life responsibilities.

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Seems like you have some good answers here already. Rather than repeating, I’d also throw in that the Xerces mission in the back of the CRB is perfectly good as a early game as well, and the Living Campaign (possibly with some adjustments) is a nice self contained option option a limited length campaign

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I feel your pain…