New Players Looking for Guidance

Hello! My wife, brother, and I are looking to get started with this game. Other than randomly building army lists with random equipment every time we play with our chosen faction or possibly following narrative setups provided by Modiphius or the community, what is your recommended way to figuring out what the strengths and weaknesses of your faction are?

Playing against the AI helps sort things out quick-like for me. It lets one see how their chosen minis stack up against whatever opponent chosen, providing insight into that opponent as well.
I have the most fun with provided scenarios as they offer a variety of play, rather than the “kill all the other guy’s stuff” approach most other skirmish games use.

Having the most personall experience with the first two Fallout games from the 90s, I find the TT game plays nearly identical. The strengths/weaknesses of each faction appear mostly self-evident.


Ah. That is a good idea. Once the minis get in I’ll have to try that out. Thanks!

Test driving units against the AI or other players is a great way to get to know your squad, and figure out action economy in specific situations.

If you’re looking for more broad strokes on the different factions, I have a video series covering (almost) all the factions here that might help:

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War Games News Radio also offers some strategy videos, though I have not watched them myself. Unfortunately, events of the last several months have kept me busy off the tabletop.

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Hey! I know that guy! (It’s me, thanks so much for sharing :grin: )

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