Neutral adversary response matrix

Which response matrix do adversaries of the Neutral faction use?
I have all the card packs but no Neutral faction card. So right now there is no way of knowing what Neutral adversaries do when they activate.

Neutral adversaries are part of whichever faction they join - they aren’t a faction in and of themselves. They can’t be party leaders, so would always need to be in a party with a leader from another faction (Stormcloak, Imperial, Beast, Monster, Draugr etc…).

Hey @Siroj55

So @Modiphius-Gavin has the right idea here - Neutral Models (be they Adversaries or otherwise) become the Faction of the Party that they join. Regarding Adversaries, this would mean that they use that Faction’s Adversaries Response Matrix.

This would mean that a neutral model like a War Dog that is taken as part of a Stormcloak Party would use the Stormcloak Adversary Response Matrix.