Need New Crew For Living Campaign Chapter 3

I’m on the third campaign arc of what started as the living campaign. The Borg infiltrated the Shackleton Expanse and bombed Tilikaal out of existence. They’re setting up a space base to coordinate an attack on the Romulan Empire. In my next episode, the crew is being sent with the crew of Enterprise-D to go to Romulus and warn them of the danger.
If anyone would like to join my crew on this journey, there are spots available at my online discord table. We meet the second Friday of the month from 8-10pm EST. You can message me on discord if you are interested. I am DM Garrett Crowe#8755

What experience level are you looking for?

I’m not worried about experience level. I’m more concerned with recruiting someone who’s excited to get in and play.

@barefoottourguide apparently the discord id is bad
Edit: I haven’t put the DM it’s part of the nick
I would like to be in a STA group as a player but your time zone is in tho middle of the night for me. Maybe we can discuss that a bit?

Unfortunately my other players have a limited time in which they can play. This is the best I can do. Can we make this work?

I may be able to join in… I’m @Illystyn#2138 on discord… let’s talk about what’s going on with it In more detail. ^-^