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Living Campaign In/around Indianapolis

Hey, all. Does anyone know if anyone is running the living campaign in or around the Indianapolis area? I can’t find any information anywhere.


Star Trek I don’t know but doctor perhaps you have to walk 500 miles maybe 500 more, in Indianapolis that’s easy.
And ask for another cross over

Sorry, I’m French, but as far as I can tell, living campaign is over and will be released in the Shakleton Campaign book soon (but no release date).
Try Discord, universities, cafés and speak Klingon, if someone respond, that’s the beginning of a crew.

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I’m running the campaign. I finished all printed material and am doing my own material to continue it. If you’re interested in joining an established group we meet on Discord the second Friday of the month 8pm EST-10:15 EST. LEt me know if you want to play.
Garrett Crowe

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