Need help finding weapons table

I see the weapons table for the personal weapons, type 1 & 2 phasers and whatnot. What I need help finding is the table for the Starship weapons, like phaser arrays and photon torpedos. Specifically looking for ranges, damage, damage effects and qualities. Is there a table I have skipped somehow?

Cant give you a page reference as I don’t have my book in front of me, but I believe this stuff is handled in the “finishing touches” section of “home among the stars”

An extensive table (actually more than one) can be found in Utopia Planetia.

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In the core book, there isn’t really a table; starship weaponry is split between two sections, starting on pages 231 and 253, but only has a torpedo table. The first section describes effects and qualities, while the second section describes types and ranges. The Klingon Core does a similar thing on pages 187 and 228, but it does include a table on page 228.

The split of starship weaponry into these 2 sections is one of the most annoying things about the core books, and while there is a certain conceptual sense to it based on the sections they appear in, they really should be together.


Found it! Thanks so much!

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