NCR Civilian Ranger CQB ability interaction with perks


With the NCR Civilian Ranger’s ability CQB, does it benefit from perks such as Gunslinger and Steady Aim?
I’ve had a look through the forums and found Comfort Grip does not work with CQB since it calls out the pistol skill specifically. The Gunslinger and Steady Aim perks, however, are less obvious as their cards could be referring to either the skill or the weapon type in my interpretation.
I’m currently leaning towards the perks fallout out the weapon type weapon type, rather than skill test, just due to the ability calling out the coloured dice being used rather than any skill value and since the perks lack the pistol symbol in the top right corner of the card like most mods have.
Any help for this matter would be appreciated though. :slight_smile:

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Hey @intoxicatedALF,

Gunslinger and Steady Aim would function with CQB on the NCR Civilian Ranger in the same way as Comfort Grip - they would not be able to stack CQB and either of those Perks.


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Thanks for the reply! This does raise another question though.
It sounds like perks work off the skill type, would this mean that since CQB uses a melee skill test that perks like Big Leagues, Blitz and Nerd Rage do work instead?


Sorry for the delay. I recalled having an earlier question about CQB and just wanted to make sure we weren’t going against anything said there.

Given that CQB uses the Melee Skill, Perks like Big Leagues, Blitz and Nerd Rage would indeed work with the gun used by the Civ Ranger in Melee.

I would presume they are bashing the enemy with the butt or stock of the gun or something?


Sounds good! Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: