Mutant Hound vs Mutant Hound Fiend

I’m trying to sort out the reason why the Mutant Hound Fiend has an icon indicating it cannot climb while the Mutant Hound does not. Both have the same Leap rule, “Can climb but can not end movement mid-climb”. To me this indicates both can climb as long as they both “make it” to a landing at the end of their move, but for some reason the Fiend alone specifically cannot climb. But it can via Leap… ???

The Mutant Hound Fiend 's ‘Can not Climb’ icon should not be there. What you mentioned about them being able to climb if they can make it in one go is right. I’ll add that to the Errata. Thanks for asking as I had not been aware of that.

That makes more sense, thanks.

While you’re adjusting cards for errata… Assaultron Head Laser (in the pdf at least) states “add token in non-friendly”, I assume it is supposed to read “add token IF non-friendly.”

Thanks. I’ll add that.