Mutant Chronicles Timeline

Below is the official Mutant Chroicles 3e Timeline, compiled from various sourcebooks and previous canon. It’s as up to date to just before events described in the Dark Eden Campaign (spoliers are largely avoided here!).
The indexes below list various items and the books to find them in as denoted by the following codes (identical to those used in the free MC3 Universal index):

BAH - Bauhaus Source Book
BRT - Brotherhood Source Book
CAP - Capitol Source Book
CDC - Card Deck – Chronicle Points
CDL - Card Deck – Locations
CDN - Card Deck – NPCs
CDS - Card Deck – Dark Symmetry
CDV - Card Deck - Villains
CTL - The Cartel Source Book
CYR - Cybertronic Source Book
DEC - Dark Eden Campaign
DES - Dark Eden Supplement
DLN - Dark Legion Campaign
DSC - Dark Symmetry Campaign
DSL - Dark Soul Source Book
FRL - Luna & Freelancers
IMP - Imperial Source Book
MC - Mutant Chronicles Core Book
MHR - Mutant & Heretics
MSH - Mishima Source Book
PG - Players Guide
VNA - Venusian Apocalypse
WHI - Whitestar Source Book

Early History

Late 21st Century
Rise of the Corporations.
Earth begins to die.

Early 22nd Century
Bauhaus patent a terraforming system.
Luna terraformed.

Mid 22nd Century
Terraforming of Luna, Mars, Venus, and Mercury

Late 22nd Century
Luna becomes the largest city in the Solar System.
Ruins are discovered on Mars.

The Exodus
Early 23rd Century
The Exodus occurs.
The Russian Federation seizes Bauhaus assets.
The abandoned militaries threaten Luna. Earth suffers orbital bombardment.

Mid 24th Century
Capitol build a naval yard on Eos in Mars orbit.
Humanity’s Golden Age begins.
SolarCom is formed.
Capitol missions to Earth fail to return.
Whitestar’s Emergence

Early 25th Century
Imperial develops the outer planets as far as Titan.
A combined mission by Bauhaus, Capitol, and Imperial are defeated by Whitestar forces as they attempt to reclaim Earth.
Whitestar reveal themselves.
The Dark Symmetry Era begins

Late 25th Century to Mid-26th Century
2479AD: The H.S.S.S Harbinger is dispatched to Pluto by Imperial. The H.S.S.S Zephyr is sent to explore interstellar Space.
2480AD/-101YC: H.S.S.S Harbinger reaches Pluto and Imperial Conquistadors from H.S.S.S Harbinger recover an artefact; a great metal tablet. The H.S.S.S Zephyr discovers Nero, then loses communication and disappears. The Dark Apostle Ilian manifests through the breaking of the Great Seal on Pluto.
2481AD/-100YC: All contact with H.S.S.S Harbinger is lost. The “Big Scream” occurs. SolarCom falls. The events of Straffar Gatan 39 and Fall of von Hölle take place (DSC).
2481AD to 2501AD/-100YC to -80YC: The Fall happens.
2501AD/-80YC: Accidental discovery of the Rifts by H.S.S.S Stipend.
2521AD/-60YC: Rift Drive technology becomes viable.

The First Corporate War
2530AD/-50YC: The First Corporate War begins.
2551AD/-29YC: The Sad Struggle tears Imperial apart. It lasts 15 years.
2570AD/-10YC: The First Corporate War ends.
2577AD/-3YC: The Brothers emerge on Venus. Nathaniel Durand gives his Divination address.
2580AD/0YC: The Brotherhood is formed. Nathaniel Durand becomes Cardinal. The Cartel is formed.
1YC: Imperial Conquistadors send H.S.S.S. Wyvern through a rift to Nero. The Seal of Repulsion is broken, and the Dark Legion is freed along with the Dark Apostle, Ilian.

The First Dark Legion War Begins

8 YC: The First Dark Legion War begins. Dark Legion spacecraft slam into the surface of the planets, creating Dark Citadels. The Imperial facility at Cyaneus in the Asteroid Belt is wiped out, except for the Immortal. Luna Noir era begin (FRL)
14 YC: The Dark Apostles Algeroth and Demnogonis emerge.
20YC: Muawijhe, and Semai appear. Dark Legion symbols appears on the Martian surface and on the moons Phobos and Deimos.
52YC: The Venusian Crusade takes place, joined by Whitestar ships from Dark Eden (Earth).
53YC: Nathaniel Durand falls in battle to Algeroth. Alexander Toth becomes Cardinal. The events of the Dark Symmetry Campaign take place (DSC). Luna Noir era ends (FRL). The Whitestar Bunker appears in Luna City (WHI).
91YC: Randolph Petrus becomes Cardinal. The Black Rot sweeps through humanity. Neo Jersey is bombed on Mars. On Graveton Archipelago, the last Dark Citadel falls. The Edicts of Toth are laid down.
93YC: The Brotherhood’s fourth cathedral is built on Mars.
94YC-100YC: A Nepharite of Algeroth, Saladin, emerges from hiding on Mars and begins raiding human settlements. He appears to be defeated but returns in 1262, possibly through use of a clone body.
147YC: Nathaniel Magnificus becomes Cardinal. The Throne Wars begin, plunging Bauhaus into chaos.
187YC: The Throne Wars end.
201YC: Pius Alexander II becomes Cardinal. The Wars of Attrition happen on Mars.
237YC: Petrus II becomes Cardinal. The Graveton Sub Wars are fought by Bauhaus and Mishima on Venus. Alexander and Peter Durand begin work in secret on Venus to clone Nathaniel. With differing goals, Alexander leaves and begins searching the system for Pre-Fall technology.
281YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Durand Catonius IV.
336YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Magnus Toth VI.
392YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Petrus III.
450YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Marcus Durand V.
499YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Alexander VI.
545YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Randolph II.
596YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Nathaniel IX, ‘The Invincible’.
652YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Toth Alexander VIII. Construction of the Trans-Martian railway begins, sparking the Scarab Wars around the Scarab Desert and Red Rock Flats.
653YC: Capitol is plunged into an internecine war, “The War of Shame” by President ‘Raving’ John Garcia. He is deposed by the Citizens’ Revolt and killed. As the Brotherhood consolidate their power in the Corporations, Peter Durand puts plans in mention to secure Cardinalship should the Dark Legion return.
700YC: As relationships between the Corporations deteriorate, the influence of the Dark Symmetry becomes ascendant once more.
708YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Randolph III.
733YC: Succession dispute between Otto and Vicor Fieldhausen. It leads to a mass defection to Imperial by nearly half of House Fieldhausen’s members. They form Fieldhausen Autowerks (BAU).
755YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Durand X ‘The Pure’.
810YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Marcon Alexander X.
854YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Petrus the Elder.
908YC: The Neronian Heresy begins. Conflict fragments the Brotherhood as different Cardinals vie for control. The Age of Six Cardinals begins. Mishima begins to sever ties with The Brotherhood as the teachings of those known as the Seven Sages become popular with Mishima citizens. The Seven Sages of Mishima rise in eminence and the Mishima Schools of Enlightenment are founded.
911YC: Durand XI successfully wrests control of The Brotherhood. Durand the Mad, as he is known, attempts to raze Luna to the ground. He is later found to be a Heretic of Semai.
958YC: Strang Industries buy out Vulkan Konstructions (BAU).
960YC: Peter Durand, emerges from his base on Venus, rouses the faithful, and deposes Durand the Mad. Inauguration of Cardinal Sebastian Toth XIV.
1012YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Petrus V
1053YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Roland Durand XIII ‘The Bald’
1103YC: Birth of Cybertronic, ‘Founding Day’. Alexander Durand’s research upon the Immortal establishes their power base. Cybertronic begins recruiting and consolidating their power around Jupiter and the Asteroid belt. Breaking the Second Edict, they begin terraforming one of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede. A reprisal raid by Imperial, secretly supported by the Brotherhood, leads to Imperial seizing controlling of Ganymede once more. Peter successfully clones Nathaniel Durand. Strange mutations amongst the population are discovered by the Inquisition. Mutants are declared Heretics as a result.
1107YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Alexander Primus
1151YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Petrus VI.
1204YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Durand XVI.
1204YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Durand XVI.
1253YC: Cybertronic becomes the third wealthiest corporation.

The Second Corporate War

1255YC: Inauguration of Cardinal Durand XVII. As relations deteriorate among the Corporations, Cardinal Durand XVII holds the Calm Waters conference at the Peacekeeper station on Eos. The station is destroyed by an unexplained blast. The Peacekeeper Massacre, as it becomes known, is blamed on each other by the Corporations. The Second Corporate War begins. The Brotherhood suspect the hand of the Dark Symmetry at work in the explosion. The Cartel enforces economic sanctions on the Corporations to force them to adhere to strict rules of engagement. Ships begin to explore beyond Jupiter once more.
1262YC: Capitol discovers a new Dark Citadel on Mars. During a joint military operation on the Citadel, Capitolian fliers are gunned down by Imperial forces during an airstrike. Although found to be the work of Heretics, bad blood exists between Capitol and Imperial. The Nepharite Saladin later returns to this Dark Citadel on Mars, rebuilding his forces in secret.
1270YC: Durand XVII dies mysteriously. Cardinal Dominic, former Sheriff of Luna, is inaugurated. Cartel Doomtroopers scout the newly-discovered Dark Citadel on Mars and survivors report Dark Legion activity. The Dark Apostles set foot on Nero again, after a group of Imperial Conquistador Heretics mount a secret mission there.
1271YC: The Capitol board is overthrown by their military. The propaganda war for a return to Earth begins. Strikes against Earth are turned back by Whitestar forces. A weak Capitol suffers attacks on their Venus and Mars interests from Bauhaus. The Capitol military junta is overthrown, with the aid of The Brotherhood, who purge the Capitol Officer Corps of Heretics. Whitestar launch reprisal raids on Luna. The month-long engagement claims hundreds of thousands of civilian lives until Whitestar are beaten back.
1283YC: Artyom is ordained as Metropolitan of the Moon (WHI).
1285YC: Possibly inspired by the Dark Symmetry, the Minimart Massacre takes place on Mars (CAP). Hundreds of lives are lost, and damage to Capitol assets is measured in the millions of dollars.

Second Dark Legion War

1291YC: The events of the Dark Legion Campaign take place (DLC). The Dark Legion returns, with increased activity of Dark Citadels on Mars and other worlds. Saladin re-emerges.


Thank you!

Hi minor question :slight_smile: I wondered since the dark legion period it seems first start when the dark legion emerges the second time. The brotherhood iconic such as mystic and inquisitors, so when does the mystic become playable characters or am I just missing when the dark legion period starts?

The Bortherhood is formed in 0YC, the first DL war happens 8 years later - the iconic careers are available from that point on. The era before is the Dark Symmetry era (and uses our calendar).

Question for the group. I am considering running the Venusian apocalypse campaign with a new group of players where does this campaign fall in the timeline?

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Anywhere you want really - there’s deliberately no date. I’d recommend between/during the 1st and 2nd Dark Legion Wars. Remember that some Brotherhood careers aren’t available so might be worth chatting with your players regarding the era…

Sorry, were was it written, that Cardinal Durand dies, and the Sheriff is succeeding him? I couldn’t find it in my books?