Multiple Unnerving Targets?

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An Enclave force could easily have Frank Horrigan and a Deathclaw, which are both Unnerving. Does that mean that if a model attacks one of them, they take the -2 penalty because they aren’t shooting at the other one? And then if that model does any other action besides attacking one of those models they are at a -4 penalty?

Or is a model only affected by one Unnerving aura at a time?

Since Deathclaws aren’t Unique, a 1000 cap force could have 4 of them, which would be nuts. All attacks at any one DCs would be at a -6, and any other action would be at a -8…

A model could not be affected twice by the same ability (if it has the same name), so if both have Unnerving, they would not stack.

Thanks for the fast response! That makes a lot of sense, but looking through the rulebook it wasn’t as clear, so I wanted to double-check.

Hey @AChapin

@DK-dark has it correct. They would not stack as the rule has the same name.