Mounts in adventures

How do you guys handle mounts in the various premade adventures? I have a player in my group that is heavily invested skill and talent wise into being a mounted archer and it seems like most of the adventures in Jeweled Thrones of the Earth don’t really adhere to the idea of mounted characters.

Seethers in Darkness takes place in an underground city that looks to be fairly compact and focused on small spaces. Ghost of Thunder River takes place in a heavily wooded area and one section in canoes and another in a sepulcher, none of which are conducive to being mounted. Caves of the Dero is in a mine. Devils Under Green Stars is in a jungle and there is no way to get a horse into the city even IF they can navigate a thick jungle with one. Both Pit of Kutallu and Pact of Xiabalba start on a ship and that ship is wrecked in the beginning and the Red Pit starts with the characters being enslaved.

None of these are friendly towards a player that builds a character with the idea of a mount in mind. Do you guys think in some cases a mounted character could still work with some tweaking of the adventure? Like as an example making the underground city in Seethers in Darkness a much grander affair so there is more space? Just wanted to get thoughts and opinions. Thanks.

A few things

  1. I would always give players a bit of direction on what sort of adventure it was going to be and what to expect (without major spoilers).
  2. I would encourage people to create diverse characters and not just focus on one skillset. As a rule of thumb, if a character has two TNs over 13 I will be taking a closer look at their character and what they invested in.
  3. Insert adventures inbetween scenarios or sections between major events to accomodate mounted combatants.

And hey, even telling the player “hey just letting you know. There are going to be large portions of this campaign that will be fairly prohibitive when it comes to mounts.” Can work well.

I don’t think changing any of the premades from jewels would work well without diluting the experience.
Vultures of Shem from the core book accepts mounted combats well though.