Creating a campaign from "Jeweled Thrones of the earth"

Well, we still do play Conan 2d20 once in a while cause its a really great and exciting RPG to play.

And now we really plan to start over with some new characters and I was thinking of creating a campaign out of the adventures in Jeweled thrones of the earth. I know there are guidelines on how to create the campaign or better how to put the adventures together.

Tho, but I am curious if any of you did build a campaign of those adventures too and how was your approach? Which way you did guide your players through the adventures.

My first idea was to go with the suggested “From chains to crowns” approach.

I would be happy to hear from anyone and get some ideas and hints or tips.

:conan: … Thanks in advance

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I did not use all of the adventures in Jeweled Thrones of the Earth, as I found some not so well-designed and often very “railroady”. So I just took those I did like and mixed own creations and adventures from other sources into my campaigns.

It depends strongly on your players preferences, if all the adventures in Jeweled Thrones of the Earth will fit for your group. I recommend reading them all and take those that you as GM like and leave out all you are not sure about fitting them to your group.

Yeah, some of them are “railroading” heavily. Tho, but even that can be a well working adventure if the group is in a situation where it fits in great.

All depending on the characters of course. I would really like the start in the “pit” I think for my group.