A Lifetime Over 8 Sessions - XP & Rewards?

I’ve recently embarked upon a short campaign block for Conan at our local RPG club using the scenarios in “Jewelled Thrones of the Earth.” I wanted to make each adventure of the campaign feel like the equivalent of Avengers team-up events, where many years take place between adventures. The intent is for each of the player characters to feel like they could be the stars of their own solo adventures, but sometimes there are special occasions where - through fate, contrivance, or otherwise - they end up together again, at least for a while.

With that in mind, what would be a good way to replicate that sense of growth & time between adventures, while making it fun for players & giving them a sense of progression that doesn’t run away with the narrative? Are the provisions within the sourcebook sufficient, or should adjustments be made? I’d kind of like to have something akin to The One Ring’s Fellowship phase, where we can roll to see what the characters got up to in their own adventures beyond carousing & whatnot.

That is what the Downtime phase, especially the Carousing Events are for - and they do a great job in providing interesting things between the actual adventures.
And the characters can cultivate their Renown, even gain titles, meet Patrons, gather Rumors, etc.
Conan is designed for such episodic play.
You find all you need in the core book.

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Excellent, many thanks!