The Seethers in Darkness

From the Jeweled Thrones of the Earth book, this particular adventures seems replete with issues. I am wondering how others handled it.

  1. All of the symbols supposedly on the map… aren’t on the map provided, p. 137.
  2. The “psychic attacks” from the Saurian dead, all seem to have different effects, which is fine, but they do not seem to make sense IMO. In the Crypt Corridors, “6” result means nothing. In the Temple area, “6” result = -1 Resolve. Deeper into the Temple towards the Crypt of Kings (p.131), “6” result = +1 Despair, but while actually IN the Crypt of Kings, “6” result = -1 Resolve.
  3. The Deranged Saurian Skeleton (Minions) have 6 Courage because they are Dead. However, the Deranged Saurian KING Skeleton (Toughened) has “–” Courage because… ???

I found an unofficial map with the markings laid out that another GM did for his own campaign.
I gave the KING skeletons a Courage 6 as well, as it just doesn’t make sense they do not have it.
I will likely impose the +1 Despair inside the Crypt of the Kings as well as Deeper into the Temple.

Any other issues or suggestions?

There is a updated map available from Modiphius.

But just as important I would replace the constant discipline checks at every intersection with an increase in the doom pool (maybe add 1 doom per PC into the pool at every intersection or when they are loud). Then when you want you can just use some doom to pull out some skeletons wherever you want them. That will give you the sense of impending doom and a noose tightening around their neck. I just ran it on my Podcast, RPG Logic (Apple podcasts or or, episodes 140-145 (except ep 142) to see how things went for us. I really liked the escape from the city mechanic I invented.



Can you please point to where the new map is, by Bel?


That’s a great question. I found the updated map in the PDF version on DrivethruRPG. If you only have the physical copy, you may be out of luck. But I think I heard they will provide it. I’m not sure you can find it anywhere else. Maybe there is someone from Modiphius on here that can answer that?

I don’t know the spell to summon them.

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I think it’s a lengthy Greater Ritual which may only be cast at specific times …

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Is there any news on the maps for people who bought a paper copy (or a paper and pdf directly from Modiphius for that matter, they are not up to date)? I tried to find them anywhere but with no luck.

Hi Reinkenstein

Seth Sorkowski has made a video about this, his updated map is in the description, downloaded it myself and it looks fine: