Looking for a 3rd one-shot to run

I have run Pit of K and Ghost of Thunder River as a one-shot and am in need of a third. I have an event in a month and will be assigned players of various rpg experience levels, so will need to run an adventure that can be easily adjusted for time. Suggestions?

How many sessions you have for this adventure? The Devil Under Green Skies (from a thrones of the aearth book) is pretty nice with the jungle themes, but takes more than one session.

Vultures of Shem from the Corebook is also suitable and can be compressed into single session.

It’s a 1shot, 1 session.

Vultures over Shem is a great adventure but if you already played Pit of Kutallu, you may feel some deja vu in the general scheme of how things evolve (although I prefer Vultures) even if it is set in a different place of the Hyborian Age world.

On the other hand, Treasure House of Jazin Kaa can be compressed in 1 session, if you like thief-focused stories.

Check out some of the adventures in the Jeweled Thrones book. Most of the adventures in there can be run as one shots.

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Thanks, I think I’m going to run the Monolith Sourcebook adventure as a 1 shot. Any thoughts are welcome.

You could always run The Red Pit from Jeweled Thrones of the Earth - group starts as slaves that have earned a night of not having their shackles and lead an uprising to get free.