Mission Briefs 006 Psychic Incursions Bookmarks Error?

Just downloaded Mission Briefs 006 Psychic Incursions and the bookmarks don’t match the titles of the Briefs at all. Was this an oversight and can it be corrected in the next version?

Jeez it’s always something. Will review and revise, thanks. The bookmarks go to the right page, just the titles are off.

Oh, now I see what happened: the bookmark labels/titles are still the ones from a previous Brief and weren’t updated for the titles in Brief 006. I just looked at Brief 005 but those bookmarks don’t match up with the titles in 005 either.

In fact, it looks like the erroneous bookmark titles date all the way back to Brief 002 Disasters. “Dis” meaning “bad” and “aster” meaning “star.” Kinda ironic, no?

Well, at least it’s easily fixed with the next update(s), right? It can’t be too bad to update all the bookmarks in Briefs 003 through 006, right?


(…someone please interrupt the sound of crickets before I go mad?) :crazy_face:

In fact, I think they can be fixed by the user depending on what pdf reader you’re using.

But, I’ll add them to the queue and get them all fixed eventually.


Thanks, Jim. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: