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Missing rules for Learning New Spells in A!C 2d20?

Hi all, going through the pre-release PDFs and can’t find the mechanics for learning new spells. There’s a sidebar that mentions a section ’Learning new spells’ but it doesn’t appear to exist - the Learning Spells section in the Player’s Guide doesn’t have mechanics, and the Researching Mythos Tomes - while it might work for Researchers and Dabblers - doesn’t work for Traditional Spellcasters who learn from a mentor.
Have I missed something?

Some form of extradimensional entity devoured that section of the text. We’re aware of the issue and finding a place to reinsert it.

Don’t know about A!C version but in classical version the Cthulhu Survival Guide says:

  • Don’t read
  • if you read don’t read books
  • if you read books don’t read suspicious old books in foreign languages
  • if you read read suspicious old books in foreign languages don’t read them aloud
  • if you read them aloud sorry it’s too late
    And about spell learning:
  • don’t learn spells
  • if you learned spells don’t cast them
  • if you cast a spell sorry it’s too late

Damn those extradimensional entities. Glad to hear you’re onto it (and that I’m not just missing it)

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