Missing Nora in starter set

Hello. Recently I bought a new starter for two players, a version with a bonus figure of Alien Zetan. The problem is that there was no Nora figurine. Customer Service replied that the older Alien Zetan starters did not have a Nora figure, although even unboxing on the Modiphius Youtube channel showed all figures were present.

If this is true, then I imagined the slogan “bonus figurine” differently, that it is not at the expense of another element of the game.

I understand that the others who purchased this starter with a bonus figure of Alien Zetan also did not have Nora?

I purchased my starter set a few months ago with the bonus alien and I have a Nora model

I have the Zetan Alien and Nora, too.

There should be a Nora figure in every set.

Can you message me/email me (jon.webb@modiphius.com) the helpdesk number and I will follow up and get this sorted as you are owed a Nora.

Sorry for the confusion.