Missile launcher

Hi guys,
Help me, please! I suck at complex rules…anything with more caveats than chess and I get very confused, fast! So, the missile launcher appears to deal out damage ‘2’, but it also has a black-explosive symbol, which looks the same as the white-explosive symbol on the damage dice, which seems to mean that you add another point of damage…so why doesn’t it just have a ‘3’ printed next to the physical damage shield? I’m confused! Basically, how much damage does a missile launcher do, please?


It deals 2 damage within an area of YELLOW and an additional damage for the exact target that you were aiming for.
So it effects all models nearby, but the target model gets one more
Don’t forget to add the extra damage / armour break that might come from the black and yellow dice

If you miss, you need to scatter


Genius! Thank you, that’s so much clearer.
Yeah…I’m gonna have more questions! Sorry!

Thanks again, pal.