Minutemen faction?

So, it came up in a game that Minutemen do not have the Survivors keyword, and we played it as them not having the faction bonus. Is this correct?

I was wondering about this as well. Was noticing a couple of nights ago that Ronnie and Preston both are “Survivors” while the Minutemen are listed as “Minutemen” faction. Since I haven’t got to play a game just yet, I hadn’t looked into it in detail yet though. Was wondering if perhaps it was for the sake of Preston’s “Morale” ability of the Minutemen’s “Co-Ordination” ability.

I’d assume Preston and the like count as both survivors and Minutemen? Modiphius plz help

FAQ shows Shaw and Garvey are both survivors and minutemen. Nothing about minutemen being survivors though. :confused:

Yes, you played it right. The Faction card for Survivors describes benefits models showing that faction name gain.

The Minutemen have their own bonuses that aid each other to give them the feel of a fighting unit (as Minutemen are their own military-style group rather than survivors scratching a living from the land).

In case it’s of interest, the Minutemen are the first example of one of the smaller factions in F:WW. I wanted players to be able to combine what they wanted whilst these smaller groups still retained their own identity and bonuses, but also didn’t integrate seamlessly with other groups. The faction-name accomplishes this for factions of any size.

As per the usual rules, if you combine Survivors and Minutemen but have a Survivor Leader then the Minutemen will not benefit from the Leader’s Leader- card abilities. However, if you put Ronnie Shaw or Preston Garvey as your Leader (who count as both Survivors and Minutemen) then their Leader-card abilities benefit both Survivors and Minutemen models - so they’re better Leaders in that respect for that mixed group as the members from both factions know them. I like the feeling this gives to the forces, and adds a little bit of internal politics to them (albeit a very small effect).


In the future, figures that are part of more than one faction like Ronnie or Preston, it may make sense to list all of the factions they belong to on the card for ease of reference.


Pretty sure that was in the FAQ

And speaking of which… since the Rules of Play are freely available from the download site, is there any reason why these wouldn’t just be updated with the FAQ/errata? It would be nice to have the errata written into the Rules pdf instead of reading the Rules then having to check a separate document to make sure it is still correct.

Wow I love the small but effective nod to the differences between groups @WriterJames. Rules reflecting fluff is the peanut butter to my jelly.


It’s definitely something we would like to do; however, the layout of the rules is already very full so fitting in the updates would require a lot of new layout work especially as many sections would spread onto new pages, so unfortunately it won’t be something that can be done for some time. We will be marking new additions to each version of the FAQ in future though so it’s easy to see what’s new.

Ah, layout/formatting issues. That makes sense. I was thinking fixes/errata along the lines of changing “1 Nuka Cola Bottle” to read as “2 Nuka Cola bottles” (as in the 2nd errata posted in the current list). Seems this would be easy to do but I didn’t account for layout… and the potential for info to slide into a new page… which would mean updating all references… and the index… good grief.

Thank you, that was exactly what I needed! Been looking over the 2 heroes and can certainly see more options leaping out at me the more I play the game and get to grips with the rules. Ronnie in particular looks quite savage when flanked by a Minuteman or two as she closes to engage a target for Preston to then get a hugely boosted shot at, with Settlers and Scavengers adding to the mix nicely to bring numbers up and add in some other skills.

Yet the brotherhood will still stomp you into the dirt.

For the good of humanity, AD VICTORIUM!

On the topic of Preston and Minutemen: if I have Preston Garvey as leader of a force of Minutemen, does Preston Garvey gain the abilities listed on the Minutemen unit card (i.e. Trained and Coordination)? I presume not, but it seems more thematic that Preston would be able to do anything than another regular Minuteman could do.