Battle Mode Unique Unit Name Question

Hey all,
This may be a stupid question but it came up in my game today and I didn’t notice a definitive rule in the books of forum. I know only 1 unique unit can be used in a faction but do units with similar names count as the same character?
Like Sole Survivor Day One, Sole Survivor Loner, and Sole Survivor tech. Could someone have a unit with all three in it? Or both a Dogmeat and a Dogmeat Scout?
I’m guessing you could have a version of Dogmeat and the normal “dog” because they have mostly different names.

Thanks in advance!

All sole survivors are the same unit which is why there is the special rule where you can have 2 of them on the card

Ok, I think I got it. Sole Survivor can be with a Tech or a loaner but not a day one. What about the dogmeats?

Hi. The rules for this are on page 12 of Rules of Play in the Unique Units section: ‘Alternative versions of the same unit count as the same unit. For example, there are multiple versions of some cards such as Dogmeat and Dogmeat Loner. Both count as Dogmeat, so only one of those two could be included by a player in their force.’

Sole Survivor Loner and Sole Survivor Tech have the ‘Partner’ ability on their Unit card so it is possible to field Sole Survivor Loner or Sole Survivor Tech along with another Sole Survivor. (The combination that is not possible is to have the main Sole Survivor with Sole Survivor Day One - the context is these are the same person but Day One is just when they emerged from the Vault and were less experienced.)

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Got it, thank you both!

So Nate and Nora can both survive.

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The cards are labeled “Sole Survivor” rather than using the make of the male and female characters. That led me to believe that you can take a single “Sole Survivor” and not “Nate” and “Nora.”

That said, when I’m playing with just myself, I’ve used both a couple of times.

In other words, the rules make it look like you can’t use both. But if you, and whoever you’re playing with are fine with it, then there’s really not much harm how I see it.

Sole survivor have a special rule that allow you to field 2 Sole Survivors

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That’s right. The Partner abilities on the non-standard Sole Survivor cards mean you can take up to 2 Sole Survivors on your force. (The only mix it does not allow is standard Sole Survivor with Sole Survivor Day One.)