Mines and AI mode

When playing solo mode against the AI, if I deploy a mine in the terrain, how the AI should manage it?

  • If model moves reckless, should it ignore mine?
  • If model moves careful, should it avoid mine?


Mines are a complex decision as there are many possible factors involved. For this reason, there are no hard rules for AI and mines and the player’s judgement is needed to decide what is best in the AI’s interest. (Whilst the AI rules deliver a lot of complex behavior and allow them to attempt almost any objective, I made it so the player can influence their behavior so the rules remained simple, rather than lots of extra, detailed rules.)

What you suggest is a good starting point though. Reckless models ignoring a mine is good, unless it means definitely losing the scenario even if their armor blocked the its maximum. For careful, I would weigh up what the effects and objectives are. For example, if entering the mine’s area would cause winning the scenario, it would probably be worth the risk even if being careful, especially if a model had a lot of Health so would definitely survive it. If entering the mine’s area is the only way to reach the Objective, then entering the area and triggering it is more necessary; otherwise, it would be easy to freeze the AI out. Of course, you may have some models like Super Mutants, Creatures and Robots ignore mines completely as many are unlikely to even comprehend what a mine is.

I hope that helps,