Master chest special objective

One of our fellow french player had a question about master chest special objective. When a master chest special objective is revealed, what happens? Do we consider the chest is unlocked and a simple search action must be done? Or do we put a master chest token on the master chest special objective?
The fact that, on page 4 of the quest book, there’s the locked master chest token rule mentioned can be confusing.

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Hey @Unwol

If you flip an Objective and get a Master Chest, you replace it with a Master Chest token. It behaves like a normal Chest from that point on (needing an unengaged model to use a Search Action on it etc).



Thanks Dom. Might be worth getting that specified in the updated version of the rules as it’s not mentioned anywhere at present (happy to be corrected on that).

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: So i was right on that :smiley: And as Jimmy suggested, this should be clearly specified in the revised rulebook :slight_smile:

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