March 2020 Preorders

Vault Dwellers, RPG DM Screen, Mysterious Stranger and Unusual Allies are up, just waiting for the T51’s …why is the power armour so slow :wink:


Yeah they are going up today, just seen them post on FB group that they are just sorting them out for it. Also not a pre-order they will start shipping them today.

I know but it takes ages to get to us like whole days

I know, plus you have the weekend that tends to slow it all down! :stuck_out_tongue:

T-51 is up and available (at least, I was able to buy it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Really want to buy them but I get slapped with high shipping and international fees.

I’ll be waiting until a store in my country gets them in stock or more product is released to make the extra costs worthwhile.