Maintenance, Crafting and Scrapping

So i have been looking throughly thru the PDF’s / Books and other forums for an answer, and if this has been answered already i am sorry.
But maybe im missing some particular info ( Either From the Source books/PDF’s or something else entirely. )

So for example, Page 96 of the RPG Book for fallout has a very small chart for Common Crafting Resources. ( Lists Acid, Adhesive etc. but fails to explain what you can Craft those resources into). Like Literally. Nothing.

So my main Question(s) would be;
If my Player wanted to craft a pipe pistol. How would they go about doing it?
If i wanted to go the to the extreme for crafting ( making my players go an actually find Adhesives or etc) to build their mods / Settlement Structures, where is the reference would i use?
Is there a List of craft-able items THAT USE SAID RESOURCES that im just not finding that has all this explained?
Is there there some kind of loot table that help you understand what resources you may / may not get when you attempt to break down/Repair Guns etc?

I Appreciate any help on this topic!

I haven’t seen the chart you would be looking for but maybe there is one out there, we never played that granular just from the hassle of the bookkeeping side of things. Might be a pain to do it this way but it might be worth referencing the video game and making your own if you can’t find one

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