Salvaging weapons

Under the Junk section, it talks about breaking down and salvaging Junk and other items in the character’s possession. Then it goes on to say roll 1d6 per Junk salvaged to see how many materials you acquire. I do not see anywhere what you get for salvaging things like Pipe Guns and other weapons or armor. Did I miss something somewhere or do they get salvaged just like junk? 1d6 just seems too little for something like a gun, especially when you are talking about salvaging something like a heavy incinerator.

It’s not 1d6, it’s 1CD so you may end up with nothing usable or you may pick up Uncommon Materials as well as common. There’s additional rules about using an item to repair the same type of item on page 210.

The junk you get for scrapping guns in FO4 was always super-low. I guess it represents what you could realistically expect to get from a gun, rather than any reflection on the power or value of the gun. I always end up selling guns, rather than scrapping them for this reason. FO 2D20 seems to have modelled this to match the video game.

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