Crafting: Core Rules vs. Wanderer's Guide

I’m having a little trouble reconciling the difference between getting Common, Uncommon, and Rare materials vs. the specific Components like Acid, Adhesive, Oil, Lead, etc.

Why bother using the specific Components when the vague Materials work just fine.

Also, I can’t find anywhere in the Wanderer’s Guide that shows how having specific Components affects crafting and repairing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edited for clarity

This is something I’m pretty bothered by. I love in-depth crafting systems. I want to give specific materials to my players and have them spend time scavving for what else they need for certain recipes and repairs, because this matches the type of game we’re playing. But currently there’s no way to implement it completely without doing the work myself and giving each vague crafting recipe a specific recipe.

What we’re currently doing is taking the vague recipes and plugging in specific materials for the rarity provided. It has to make sense, like using plastic to craft a barrel mod for a shotgun isn’t going to work. I prefer this to just using vague rarity-ranked materials because I don’t think anyone should be able to substitute the fertilizer a pack brahmin drops daily (an Uncommon material) in for screws (another Uncommon material) when making a weapon mod.

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The expanded rules in Wanderers are just there for the people that want the extra detail , not required in any way.

You could always do a hybrid approach. Want to limit availability of certain chems? Make them require at least one of the materials be a specific plant. Describe a roll for (junk) loot as a piece of steel that counts as 4 common materials suitable for a receiver mod.

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The hybrid approach is what I’ll probably do. I enjoyed the crafting system in Fallout 4 and 76. If my players want I’ll probably introduce it slowly and see how they like it.