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FAQ and Errata Thread

Please post all questions and errata here, and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Please leave discussions around individual topics in a certain thread, but if you’re able to answer someone else’s query please feel free to do so.


How do my players make dirty water? In the recipes section, there’s no recipe for dirty water.
If I just let them make it for free, it creates infinite caps problems. In fallout 4 survival mode, you can fill any bottle with dirty water, but there’s no bottles in the game, so I can’t use that as a limiting factor. There’s water everywhere in the commonwealth, so it breaks their suspension of disbelief if I tell them they have to buy dirty water to make purified instead of just stepping outside and getting it from a stream.

Hi, not sure if it goes here, but as someone else asked on the Fallout miniature game board (before this Fallout 2d20 board was made), in the pdf of the core rulebook it says the adventure at the end of the book can be used as continuation of the adventure Once unpon a time in the Commonwealth from the Starter Set.
What’s that starter set? It’s not on the shop. It’s perhaps part of the beta testing of the game? If so, would it be made available?


Dirty Water is every water source everywhere that isn’t specifically purified. Not sure where the infinite caps problem is. I mean unless your players are harvesting dirty water to sell for like 1 cap each (remember vendors are 25%, round down) in which case why the heck are they even playing.

Bottles are junk. If they find junk just give them some bottles (or don’t…you’re the GM).

Yes you can 100% just get Dirty water from the stream or the puddle. Got a cooking station and someone with Survival then you are well on your way to making Purified water. It’s really not that big a deal IMO.

Just don’t have merchants accept dirty water? If I was a merchant and someone offered to sell me several hundred bottles of gray water, I’d tell them to leave my store. What sane person with money to buy purified water would actually buy dirty water?

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It is a big deal. The entire point of the plots of Fallout 1 and Fallout 3 is the scarcity of water. If my players can make infinite dirty water, they can make Difficulty 0 to make infinite purified water. Not only is it a source of free caps, it also completely screws the thirst rules, because they never have to worry about thirst again. Also, it’s 3 HP of free healing every combat, that’s only one HP less a stimpack!

It takes 20 minutes and a difficulty 0 (if you have 1 rank in Survival) test to turn 3 dirty water into purified water. Access to dirty water isn’t important, it’s that with no limits to dirty you basically have no limits to how much Purified water you can make.

Same thing applies, a merchant can only accept so much water and they shouldn’t trade all their caps for water like they do in the games. Maybe they can’t sell their water to the guy that solely trades weapons? They also shouldn’t be the only water merchants in town, maybe the water guy who sells water in whatever town just got a giant shipment and doesn’t need anymore water. If your players want to start selling to him, they’re going to have to snuff out the local water merchants.

Also, realistically there’s no way they can make a ton of bottles in a short amount of time, even in a day. If they overuse their cooking station, say that it breaks from constant 24/7 use and they need to repair it now, which might cost more than what they can make from selling water. That’s why Project Purity is actually special because en masse purifying water is impossible with breaking equipment that would be hard to replace or the infrastructure to do is long gone.

Massing producing water for survival purposes is also just your players being smart, but have it so they make a slow gravity water filter that has to spend some time to actually make more than a couple bottles in a day.

Under energy weapons mods p. 105, Long night vision scope and recon scope is listed under stock mods

On page 57 under the vault kid trait it mentions reducing the difficulty of END tests to resist disease but there’s no mention of how much the reduction is.

Power Armor
p. 137
The prices and weight are swapped for power armor on the table.
Also, not sure, but it seems that some of the prices are messed up? T-51 legs are only 10 caps. T-60 armor is way more expensive than X-01, even though X-01 is better. The power armor frame also seems way too expensive. If players find one of those, they can easily afford some of the best gear in the game by selling it.

Supermutant NPCs
p. 366
The super mutant’s pipe bolt-action rifle is incorrect, because the range is Medium. Either it’s a Long Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle or the range should be Close.
Supermutant Brutes, Masters and Suiciders are still wearing Supermutant Armor, instead of raider armor.

So, at one point the PDF mentions the quest “Once upon a time in the commonwealth”

Is that supposed to be included or do we not have access to that until release?

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This is my biggest question

I agree, it being name dropped in the scenario as it being the prequel has me curious as what it is

Is it me, or are the bookmarks that were added to the second version of the PDF messed up? It seems that clicking on bookmarks with scrambled labels do take you to different parts of the book, but the bookmarks with legible labels only generate file errors (at least they do when viewed with Foxit Reader)

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wondering this as well!

I’m not sure if this helps with your question, but the Core Book mentions that “Once Upon a Time in the Commonwealth” is included in the Fallout 2d20 Starter Set. Which I haven’t seen as part of the Preorder yet.

I’m also interested in learning about this.

Ran into this on our first play and a question popped up.
On page 59 the Adrenalin Rush perk states “When your health is below its maximum value, you count your STR score as 10 for all purposes when attempting a STR-based skill test or melee attack”.
Radiation damage lowers your Maximum Health instead of your Current Health. (I know if maximum is reduced below current, then current HP are reduced as well.)

So If you take radiation damage how does this interact with the above perk?
I see it as your health is reduced below it’s absolute maximum and there for activates the perk.
Any other opinion’s or official rulings are appreciated.