LtJG K'reQt, Ship's Counselor

Corrected: LtJG K’rect (Cns).pages.pdf (70.2 KB)

Given the date, I felt it time to share this…

Name: K’reqt son of D’fect
Assignment: Counselor
Division: Science
Species: Klingon

Control 9 Daring 10 Fitness 11 Insight 7 Presence 12 Reason 7
Command 2 Conn 1 Security 2 Engineering 2 Science 2 Medicine 5
Foci: Toxicology, Inspiration, Psychiatry, Anthropology, Andorian Culture, Melee

Trait: Klingon
Trait: Duelist
Value: Get back to work, slacker!
Value: Don’t worry; today is a good day to die.
Value: Having a hard time? So is everyone else!
Value: Fight Like a Warrior! Brain Like a Bee!

Combat Medic
Fellowship Specialty: Inspiration
Untapped Potential


Outstanding, someone has seen the real military psychology corps in action.


Section 8 in 1987…
No comments on the prettier version in the PDF?

First off I love the idea of a Klingon Counselor. We were joking around with the concept in my own group a couple of weeks ago. I love that the Values are so unsentimental.

Comments on the character:

  • Your character is missing 2 Discipline points. Should have 16.
  • Andorian Culture has been mispelled
  • Untapped Potential add Bonus Momentum, not standard (so cannot be saved), and on an effect adds 1 Bonus Momentum and 1 Threat. (This may be clear and implicit to you, but it is not to the casual observer)

The character sheet is nice. If you’ll allow me some suggestions though:

  • I think the Traits & Focuses are given too much space. These will usually be 1-2 words
  • Advice that was given to me was put your Values by your Attributes/Disciplines. These are core beliefs about your character and should have as much, if not more, bearing on your actions as your numerical stats. Perhaps move Milestones and Reputation to the top line.
  • Why are there numbers in “Other Equipment”? STA is rather binary where equipment is concerned.
  • There is some lack of symmetry that is throwing me off.
  1. Between Traits & Focuses
  2. Milestone type and “Taken”
  3. Between Talent names and Weapon names.
  4. Unarmed Strike not having the separate semi circle.

I have not considered a landscape character sheet myself. I may play around with that concept on the next iteration of my own sheets.

The numbers on equipment are for hands take of the 2 hand limit.

I don’t care for symmetry in character sheets. I hate it.

The top row of blocks are defining of the character non-numerically. The second row of entries is the highly mechanical entries
The third is gear.

The size of the blocks is to allow for hand-written.

The missing Discipline points should be Command and Security.

As for the spelling… I’m severely dyslexic. Should be corrected now.

Cool. I didn’t consider hand writing, as you typed I assumed it was a fillable.

Please don’t think any of this was in any way an attack, you said about comments on your sheet and I tried to give the comments that I would like to receive about my own.

It is a good sheet and obviously works for you.

Also I followed back to your site and I really like the lifepath checklist sheets you have.

Those are from the beta, and have a couple errors. Once I make the revised fillable, it’ll go up.
All my sheet designs are intended for use with sharp pencils… but I prefer to put them up as form fillable sheets. Note that the font is also custom.
I’ve also got a font for making counters for ships. I need to get off my duff and actually put things up. But that has to wait until after this weekend’s convention… (Just A Game Con, Corvallis, OR, USA). Said font will be bound into the Ship sheet fillable. I think it has all the non-adventure-specific ships for STA in it.

Having “Untapped Potential” caps your attributes at 11 and disciplines at 4 doesn’t it?
Aside from that, it looks pretty fun to play. Mind if I borrow your Char as a NPC in my campaign?

Yes, it does.