Captain's Log - Ready to engage!

So, having overcome my ship-choice paralysis (and throwing caution to the wind and going ‘big’ with a canon Sovereign class!), I have prepped everything up for my first Captain’s Log series. I am starting in early 2376, after the Dominion War but in the same region of space. I probably poured way too much into prep, and used STA and Utopia Planitia for character and ship generation, not Captain’s Log, so apologies for that - I just preferred to use the online generator and really lean in to the talents to help me define the character mentally. I also chose to make the senior crew more than abstract, but used the supporting character generation system rather than make them as main characters. Here is my prep work and first Captain’s Log. I am journalling as I go through the Acts (finished Act 1) and will post if there is any interest as I go through them.

Captain Kad Irik (Created using STA character creation rules)
Traits: Zakdorn Male, War Hero
Attributes: Control 9, Daring 9, Fitness 9, Insight 10, Presence 9, Reason 10
Disciplines: Command 4, Conn 2, Engineering 3, Medical 1, Security 4, Science 2
Values: Mediocrity is unacceptable, Starfleet should be a sword as well as a shield, A captain is only as good as their crew, Ruthless in war but magnanimous in peace
(Not in use for Captain’s Log) Talents: Advisor, Master Strategist, Tactical Voice, Veteran
Focuses: Combat Command, Debate, Hand Phasers, Intelligence Analysis, Starship Tactical Systems, Strategy/Tactics
(Not in use for Captain’s Log) Stress 13
Possessions: Uniform, Combadge, Tricorder, Walking stick, Type-2 Phaser

Captain Irik’s Career and Timeline (Includes lifepath creation events)
2333 – Born on Zakdorn to a political and diplomatic family.
2351 – Begins attending Starfleet Academy on the Operations (Security) track
2355 – Commissioned as Ensign and assigned to the U.S.S. Tecumseh.
2358 – Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)
2362 – Promoted to Lieutenant, transfers to the Command branch and becomes the U.S.S. Tecumseh’s intelligence and strategic operations liaison.
2366 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and recalled to serve in Starfleet Intelligence on Earth.
2355 to 2366 – Participated in multiple actions against the Cardassians during the Federation-Cardassian war.
2367 – Following the Battle of Wolf 359, is assigned to the Borg threat analysis unit of Starfleet intelligence, coordinating with the Bureau of Ship Design on new spaceframe designs, primarily the Akira class starship.
2370 – Promoted to commander and assigned to the Akira class starship U.S.S. Beowulf as first officer.
2373 – Takes command of the U.S.S. Beowulf during the Battle of Sector 001 when its captain was wounded.
2373 – Promoted to Captain and given command of the newly refitted U.S.S. Victoria, a Niagara class starship. After a brief shakedown cruiser, the Victoria is assigned to Second Fleet and arrives in time to participate in the Raid on Torros III .
2374 – Participates in the Battle of the Tyra System. During the latter battle his actions directly contributed to the escape and survival of four other Starfleet ships. Following the virtual destruction of Second Fleet, the Victoria is reassigned to Seventh Fleet. In the same year takes part in Operation Return and the First Battle of Chin’Toka. The Victoria also becomes one of Seventh Fleet’s primary raiding and reconnaissance ships.
2375 – In addition to continuing in a raiding and scouting role, participates in, and survives, the Second Battle of Chin’Toka, albeit it with heavy damage. The Victoria again facilitates the successful disengagement of several other Starfleet ships. Awarded the Pike Medal for this and his previous conduct in the war. Later takes part in the Battle of Cardassia.
2376 – Given command of the brand new Sovereign class starship U.S.S. Warspite. The ship was laid down during the war in the expectation of a longer conflict and is more combat-focused than her sister Sovereign class ships, replacing the Captain’s Yacht with secondary fusion reactors to facilitate greater combat endurance and having her hull reinforced. The Warspite is assigned as a coordinating vessel and ‘trouble shooter’ for Starfleet activities in the former conflict sectors. The Warspite is ordered to proactively discourage any criminal depredations by Naussican Pirates, the Orion Syndicate, and other groups following an increase in their activities after the Treaty of Bajor, as well as to render aid as necessary to relief, reconstruction and exploration efforts in the region. A further remit is given to hunt and neutralise any Dominion/Cardassian hold-outs or factions that might threaten the new peace. Most of the senior team from the Victoria transfers to the new ship and immediately begins tweaking the tactical and targetting systems to reflect hard-won experiences during the war.

U.S.S. Warspite NCC-74922 (Generated using STA Utopia Planitia starship creation rules)

Sovereign Class Starship, Scale 6, Mission Profile: Tactical Operations
Traits: Federation Starship
Systems: Comms 10, Computer 9, Engines 10, Sensors 10, Structure 10, Weapons 10
Departments: Command 3, Conn 2, Engineering 2, Medical 2, Security 4, Science 2
(Not in use for Captain’s Log) Shields 14, Resistance 7, Power 15, Crew Support 6
Talents: Command Ship, Emergency Medical Hologram, Fast Targetting Systems, Improved Hull Integrity, Improved Warp Drive, Secondary Reactors
(Not in use for Captain’s Log) Weapons: Phaser Arrays (Energy, Medium Range, 10A, Versatile 2, Area or Spread), Photon Torpedoes (Torpedo, Long Range, 7A, High Yield), Quantum Torpedoes (Torpedo, 8A, Vicious 1, Calibrated, High Yield), Tractor Beam (Strength 5)

Key Crew of the U.S.S. Warspite (STA supporting cast generation for other key crew members)

First Officer – Commander Va-Sorfenix, Efrosian male
Attributes: Control 9, Daring 8, Fitness 8, Insight 10, Presence 10, Reason 9
Disciplines: Command 4, Conn 1, Engineering 3, Medical 2, Security 2, Science 1
Focuses: Federation History, Starfleet Regulations, Diplomacy

Second Officer/Chief of Security – Lieutenant Commander Julius Kolenko, Human male
Attributes: Control 10, Daring 9, Fitness 9, Insight 8, Presence 8, Reason 9
Disciplines: Command 2, Conn 2, Engineering 1, Medical 1, Security 4, Science 3
Focuses: Hand Phasers, Investigation, Starship Tactical Systems

Third Officer/Chief of Operations – Lieutenant Commander Victoria Kumalo, Human female
Attributes: Control 9, Daring 8, Fitness 8, Insight 10, Presence 8, Reason 10
Disciplines: Command 2, Conn 2, Engineering 4, Medical 1, Security 1, Science 3
Focuses: Computer Systems, Power Systems, Sensor Systems

Chief Medical Officer – Lieutenant Commander M’Kaar, Vulcan female
Attributes: Control 9, Daring 9, Fitness 8, Insight 9, Presence 8, Reason 11
Disciplines: Command 1, Conn 1, Engineering 2, Medical 4, Security 2, Science 3
Focuses: Biology, Combat Medicine, Surgery

Chief Engineer – Lieutenant Janet Portland, Human female
Attributes: Control 10, Daring 8, Fitness 7, Insight 10, Presence 8, Reason 10
Disciplines: Command 2, Conn 1, Engineering 4, Medical 1, Security 2, Science 3
Focuses: Physics, Warp Engines, Structural Engineering

Chief Science Officer – Lieutenant Aydra Shavriq, Andorian female
Attributes: Control 10, Daring 9, Fitness 8, Insight 9, Presence 8, Reason 10
Disciplines: Command 2, Conn 1, Engineering 2, Medical 1, Security 3, Science 4
Focuses: Anthropology, Linguistics, Archaeology

Science Officer – Lieutenant (JG) Martin Harness, Human male
Attributes: Control 9, Daring 8, Fitness 8, Insight 9, Presence 8, Reason 11
Disciplines: Command 2, Conn 1, Engineering 3, Medical 2, Security 1, Science 4
Focuses: Astrophysics, Physics, Chemistry

Senior Helmsman – Lieutenant A’Lar, Caitian female
Attributes: Control 10, Daring 10, Fitness 10, Insight 8, Presence 8, Reason 8
Disciplines: Command, Conn, Engineering, Medical, Security, Science
Focuses: Small Craft Piloting, Evasive Manoeuvrers, Starship Piloting

Episode 1 - “Succour for the Succour”

Captain’s Log Stardate 53274.6 - The active fighting of the Dominion War has ended, but the repercussions of the conflict are still immediate for many in the Federation. It is an enormous honur to have been given command of the Warspite and I know my senior team relishes the responsibility and challenges that lie ahead. The Warspite has been pulled from its patrol routes of Cardassian space and has been tasked with rendezvousing with a relief convoy travelling to Betazed to address the emergent needs of the planet following its occupation. One of the convoy’s vessels, the Olympic Class ship U.S.S. Succour, has been damaged by unknown elements as it crossed a cometary tail. To reach the ship will require careful navigation to avoid the Warspite being affected in the same way. Thankfully we have a wealth of mine-sweeping protocols from the war that we brought over from the Victoria - this should help us avoid any hazards. Commander Va-Sorfenix has thus far proved a capable first officer and is starting to gel well with the rest of my senior team – it cannot be easy trying to slot in with such a close-knit team and fill the shoes of Commander (now Captain!) Dupont. I am grateful he has been posted to this ship – he brings valuable diplomatic skills and insights, which will be vital as we transition from a time of war to (hopefully) more peaceful mission profiles.


Looks great, have fun!

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