Looking for the Treasure House of Jaizin Kaa Adventure

I am finally gettig around to sorting all my Conan PDFs from the Kickstarter way back when, and I cannot find a copy of the Treasure House of Jaizin Kaa. RPG Geek sayas it was released to backers but I dont see it in the Pledgemanger downloads, nor anywhere else (DriveThru RPG, Modiphius store).

Can someone comont on this? Is there somewhere I can download this adventure?

Thanks to your post I’ve had my memory jogged about this adventure. It was in the pledge manager in the same folder as the core book. It now seems to have gone, and the various Shining Kingdoms adventures are there instead. I am sure I downloaded it, but I can’t find it, and now it seems to have vanished.
I cannot remember ever seeing TTHOJK in my drivethrurpg library, although i feel it should be there by rights. I am curious ro know if other backers have the same experience, and I hope Modiphius can sort this out.

@DJ_DungeonMaster and @SidVicarious I have a PDF of The Treasure House of Jaizin Kaa with Pregens as a Gencon 2017 Scenario, if that helps. It wasn’t in my Kickstarter 2016 files either.