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Conan The King Extras PDF Release

Is the PDF of Extra material for Conan the King going to be available for download to non-Kickstarter backers or is that going to be a Kickstarter exclusive like the Treasure House of Jaizin Kaa adventure? (I got to play the Jazin Kaa adventue over a year ago when a Kickstarter backer ran it at a local game shop.) The King Extras is supposed to have a page of adventure ideas, some new foes, and rules from poisons.

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Never heard of that adventure and I was/is a backer.

Go to Then follow the download link to “MUH050374 - Conan Core Book”. There you will find it.

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And I’m not sure how, with what wizardry, this occurs, but all new KS releases also are automatically added to my DriveThruRPG library. If you also use DriveThru, check it out.