Lone Wanderer Perk Question

Among other things, the Lone Wanderer Perk gives a model +2 health if there are no friendly models (that aren’t dogs) within Presence range. Does that mean that if the LW model is down to 1 health, and a friendly non-dog model moves into their presence range, they are defeated?

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Ooh, good question…RAW would say yes.

Yuuuup. Gotta be careful with the loner!

What isn’t clear is when exactly this happens. If, for example, a friendly model moves in such a way that they start and end their move outside of presence range, but pass within it during their move, does this kill the lone wanderer? Same thing if it’s the wanderer’s activation and they temporarily move too close to a friendly. Or say they suffer push back which brings them within presence range of a friendly; are they instantly defeated? If yes, and the push back was from battle cry, can the enemy follow up even though their target is no longer on the board?

He is definitely dead if anyone enters his zone. From my point of view it does not matter when this happens but this leads to instand death…

Yes. It’s a bonus for being solo rather than they are at -2 Health when someone is nearby. They get +2 Health bonus if no-one is nearby as they can focus and are used to working on their own. If they are down to 1 or 2 Health including the bonus, it’s only because they are running on fumes and hanging in there due to being in their element working solo. If someone else comes close they can’t concentrate, maybe they’re worried for their safety - whatever the reason, the presence breaks the spell and their grievous wounds become apparent to them.

It’s the same as when Dogs get +1 Health due to being Heroic during their activation so if they’re on 1 Health due to being near a Heroic model with Dog Handler ability and that Dog Handler moves out of range, the dog dies. Hanging in there solely by the presence of their human friend, the human leaves their side and the dog’s resolve ends - cue tears from the audience.

I’ll add it to the FAQ. Should be assessed when Sole Survivor Loner is activated.


Thanks for the clarification!

The answer to this question has changed. The Lone Wanderer Perk has no effect if a friendly model (excluding dogs) is within Sole Survivor Loner’s Presence at any time. Therefore, this is assessed ‘live’.

(The reason for this change is that, if assessed only when Sole Survivor is activated, it is too easy to gain the benefits whilst also having others act nearby if models are activated in a specific order.)

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Thanks for the update!

James Would it not be easier to say things like this would happen in the same way as reactions (once the action that placed the model within range resolves, check if they’re within range if not is all fine?

I got a question guys…Don’t they sell official terrain building and props,because in Amazon I just found red rocket,But I know there are buildings,robots…Where do I get them?

Currently the Red Rocket is the only full building set they sell, though there are a number of terrain packs containing things like terminals, nuka-cola machines, cars, etc. This thread is worth a read though if you’re after terrain :slight_smile: Where to get terrain/cover objects?

Welcome to the boards, Nick!!

And just to add further clarification, the smaller terrain packs plus robots, creatures, and a few other things I have currently only seen available directly from Modiphius’ webstore.

Chris has said robots and creatures should be available through shops
from next wave

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You may want to check out Battle Systems’ terrain, particularly their Shanty Town set: Home - Battle Systems

My understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong) is that Battle Systems and Modiphius collaborated to make the Red Rocket set, so this should be pretty compatible with FWW stuff. You can see that this set is what’s used in a lot of Modiphius’ FWW demo videos. I myself have this set on order. (disclaimer: I don’t work for Battle Systems nor benefit in any way from this plug)

It’s also nice that it comes with a 2’x2’ neoprene game mat. The Red Rocket set comes with a 3’x3’ one, so all you need to do is find a 4’x4’ one, and that should cover all the mat sizes you need for most scenarios.

I actually have the Red Rocket and the Shanty Town set. Everything is compatible, the sheet metal barricades are even the exact same ones between the two sets. It’s all the same size stuff and fully compatible. As mentioned already, the map is only a 2x2 compared to the 3x3 in the Red Rocket.

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