Living Idol- Monster proposal

Living Idol

To be certain, idols are common throughout Hyboria. From the well-endowed statues of Derketo being paraded about in fertility parades, to the sinister, apish altars of Hanuman, religions of all sorts focus on physical manifestations of their deities. They can even be found in home shrines.

However, there are few that go farther. How these happen is unclear. Some sorcerers claim these are elemental spirits, exiled from their home planes. Others say that the gods themselves invest a piece of their essence into the idols. Others whisper it is something fouler. That they are some sort of sinister intelligence, yearning for more.

Most of these idols are at the center of cults. When appropriated, they will become Patrons, thus creating high priests. They are fueled by worship. Deprived of worship too long they weaken, and eventually become inert. They can enter an indefinite hibernation.

It should be noted that idols are not typically intelligent in the typical sense. Cults formed around them typically form their own dogma.

Awareness- 14
Intelligence- 14
Personality- 8
Willpower- 14
Agility- 8
Brawn- 14
Coordination- 8

Combat- 4
Fortitude- 4
Knowledge- 2
Movement- 0
Senses- 1
Social - 2

Stress: Vigor 17, Resolve 15
Soak: Armor 4 (solid stone), Courage 6 (fanatical)

Stone fists (M)- Reach 2, 8 dice, Knockdown, Stun, Grappling

Special Abilities
Inhuman Brawn 2
Crush!: If a character is knocked down by the idol, it may spend 4 doom and a swift action to trade the Stun and Knockdown for Intense
Monstrous Creature
Mindless Adulation: The Living Idol can charge itself with Doom from it’s worshipers. It counts as a Doom Herald X where X is the number of worshipers in the room divided by two. These worshipers can only spend their action worshiping the idol in exclusion of all other activities.

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Suggestion: replace Courage 6 with Inured To Fear. Probably also Cold, Disease, Heat, Pain and/or Poison. In short, nothing but naked, brute force is going to stop it.

Good idea. Thanks! Appreciate you stopping by to comment!

I did think about having the living idol having to consume Doom to keep moving/living. However, the problem with that is once the players figure it out, they would slaughter the worshipers even faster and win.