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Hounds of Tindalos

This is my first attempt to create a monster for the 2d20 AC! game. Whatcha think?

Hounds of Tindalos

Truths: Angular

Truth: Materializes in Smoke

Truth: Time Traveler

Truth: Flying

Truth: Immune to Mundane Weapons

Ag 7 Br 8 Coord 6 Insight 11 Reason 10 Will 13

Athletics 1, Fighting 3, Observation 2, Resilience 3, Stealth, Tactics 4

Stress 16

Fighting: Paws/Bite: 3 [CD] + 2 [CD] for bluish burning ichor. The ichor damage repeats each round as it continues to burn the flesh. It can be wiped off with a Difficulty 1 Agility + Fighting roll.

Tongue: Deals no damage but punctures a hole in the body that drains 5 [CD] Will permanently per round.

The horror upon seeing a Hound of Tindalos forces a Difficulty 3 Will + Resilience, causing 5 [CD]/2 [CD] mental stress.

The Hound of Tindalos can handle 3 Injuries before it’s defeated.

The Hound of Tindalos heals 1 [CD] stress per round.

Spells: The Hounds of Tindalos uses Will + Observation to cast its spells.

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