Creating Grand Workings

A cult of generations-removed Dagonia heirs of Khaurani descent are trying to bring the once flourishing city of Dagonia on Xapur from the past to the present through a Grand Working via the combo of spells Astral Wanderings and Atavistic Voyage.

(The cultists think this is what it will take to wake theIr demonic ruler Khosatral Khel. Please Don’t spoil if this is right or not. This is just what I’m having the cultists think.)

The cultists created a great circle of power. They have found relics from the ruins in the city they are trying to bring into the present around them.

They have a sorcerer that is a “mind-bending adept” boon granting Votary status to him.

The cult also has one of the PC’s aunts (unbeknownst to him) being a “voluntary sacrifice” which counts as an Acolyte toward ritual.

  1. What other spells might be appropriate?
  2. Can anyone please think of some momentum spends?

Momentum spends for the cult itself?

The Artifice of Yag spell seems appropriate, since it deals with constructing objects and even entire cities.